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My caravan family holiday in Weymouth

My caravan family holiday in Weymouth

To some people the thought of a week’s holiday in a caravan, situated on a campsite would be their idea of hell. However we were counting down the days until we packed ourselves up and heading to the Haven Weymouth Bay holiday park and our little home for the week!

The preparations were lengthy, after all there were four of us to pack up in our tiny Citroen Saxo, however with the help of some creative car packing and a sizeable roof bag we were all packed up and ready to go!

First of all, of course we had to get there! A 2 hour car ride with a 6 and almost 2 year old wasn’t exactly the thing we looked forward to the most, however the excitement of the holiday kept them entertained (at least for some of the way). It seemed like only a short drive, but suddenly we arrived, right into the heart of a typical British campsite. Check in was simple and quick (although we had privately rented and therefore already had our keys) before we knew it we were stood outside our caravan. Emblazoned with the number 53.

The girls ran to the door, desperate to see inside, and we were not disappointed. Sure it wasn’t the biggest place in the world but it was decorated to a high standard, with everything that you could possibly need, clean and tidy! We were over the moon.

Our first night on at Weymouth Bay holiday park was all about exploring the area and of course checking out the entertainment. Safe to say both girls instantly fell in love not only with the animal characters (Rory and the Seaside Squad) but also the reps who kept them entertained during the e early evening hours.

We visited the main hall every night of our holiday (although never staying on past 9:30) and enjoyed the dancing, singing and out right silliness. In fact both of us grownups got pulled onto the stage, albeit for different things, during the weeks holiday and were suitably mortified and triumphant (at least in the case of mummy- Go girls!).

The merchandise on site was pricey but of the highest quality and we didn’t begrudge spending the money to make sure that the girls had triggers to remember the holiday by.

But that’s enough about the site, what about the town itself? Weymouth is a beautiful place with one of the best beaches (in my opinion) in England. It is a quintessential British seaside town with Punch and Judy, bucket and spade shops and of course ice cream and fish and chips by the bucket load.
caravan family holiday weymouth Speaking of bucket load, if you do find yourself peckish then we definitely recommend the King Edwards Fish and Chips shop on the Esplanade. Not only was the food delicious but you can have the added option of taking away the kids meal in a bucket (with spade) which our girls particularly enjoyed!

One piece of advice that we would give to those who need to drive to the beach, parking is hard work. There is a great place to park by one of the retail areas just down the road from the beach, although be aware on Thursdays they hold a market which takes up many of the spaces. It is only a 10 minute (depending how long your legs are) walk to the seafront which is perfectly doable, even weighed down with all the needed accessories!

Away from the beach there are plenty of things to do and see in the area. We visited the Sealife centre which was fantastic, although we were incredibly glad to have fast track tickets as the queue to buy them was huge. The space inside the centre surprised us and we were delighted by the things on show.

We also took a visit to Sandworld, where we were underwhelmed by the size of the site but not the sculptures themselves. Perhaps not suitable for younger children (ours was on a leash) but for older ones and adults this was fascinating (albeit short-lived) attraction.

Our holiday to Weymouth wouldn’t have been completed without a trip to Monkey World. Which was without doubt one of the best places that I have ever been to see primates. The sheer number of species matched with the quality and space of enclosures that they have is fantastic, as well as this there is a sizeable play park which kept the older one amused for quite some time.

caravan holiday weymouth

Weymouth is a brilliant holiday destination, despite its cheesy charm and we have already booked our break in for next year……who need’s Spain?!

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