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Dorset: the hidden treasure of UK

Dorset: the hidden treasure of UK

UNESCO doesn’t give the title of a Natural World Heritage Site to any old place. The Dorset Area is more than fit to hold the title because of its unique characteristics. With its charming little towns and villages on one hand and its breathtaking cliffs on the other, the Dorset area is a hidden treasure you just have to unravel.

Dorset is located in southwest England on the English Channel coast, separating the United Kingdom from Europe’s mainland. The coastline extends to 140km where you can find the finest sandy beaches in the British Isles.

Jurassic Coast

Dorset’s most famous feature is the fossil flecked cliffs along the Jurassic Coast. This stunning shoreline is 200 years old and it has unique geological and esthetic worth. This place is the reason why UNESCO put this place on their map of amazing heritage. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty with stunning scenery of coast and beaches, as well as rich history throughout the years. This place holds another title - the largest hill fort in Europe. This hill looks grandiose, like a huge giant made from chalk. You will be impressed just by standing next to it.

Paradise for photographers

The coast begins in Poole Harbour which is one of the largest natural harbors in the world, followed by the Purbeck coastline that consists of many countryside and marine parks. In the west there is Chesil Bank, a 25 kilometers pebbled beach that holds the famous AbbotsburySwannery. This place seems created just for photographing.

The north and south

Blackmore Vale is in the north of the Dorset area where you can enjoy peaceful intimate landscape go on long walks in the maze of small roads.

Going south you will encounter the Dorset Downs and Cranborne Chase. This area is full with high chalk land and high hills where you can experience panoramic views from the Isle. Use this nature for riding or picnicking, while admiring the views of this wonder of nature. Another interesting fact about this area is that it was used in the past for royal hunting, because the wildlife is fascinating.

Rural tourism

If you are tired from all the walking and hiking, you can find rest in one of the 150 charming villages. Explore Abbotsbury's main street to experience authentic sandstone cottages, charming tea rooms and old inn. You’ll feel like you are back in the 15th century. Dorset villages are ideal for a quiet vacation. You can rent Dorset holiday cottages with fishing and other activities the locals do, and feel the real atmosphere of the region. Dorset was home to the author Jane Austen, and by staying in her home village, you will have the unique experience of understanding the way she lived her life. You can also enjoy skiing, sailing, golfing and many more outdoor activities. Dorset has excellent museums, country houses and many more historic sites to visit. Over all, it will be a rich experience if you decide to pay Dorset a visit and make great memories.

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