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Gems well worth visiting in the UK

Gems well worth visiting in the UK

Home of the most popular Queen of the world, and home to a lot of tea drinkers, this European destination is visited by countless tourists every day. Everyone should explore the beauty of England and Wales, and the rich culture of Scotland and Northern Ireland. ​

The United Kingdom is a wonderful destination to visit and admire. Its dramatic countryside and historic cities will quite possibly make your journey impossible to forget. Here are some of the places we recommend if you are keen to explore.


You can find this charming city on the River Cam just north of the UK’s capital, with its authentic old buildings and narrow medieval streets. It holds the University of Cambridge, one of the world’s most prestige universities. Take a boat trip on the river to see the beauty of Cambridge and visit King's College - a wonderful representation of Gothic architecture.

The Lake District

It is located in Cambria and it is one of the largest National Parks in the UK. Its lakes, mountains and hills were carved by glacial erosion, leaving the park with very dramatic scenery. If you are into hiking or climbing, this is the right destination for you, or by all means, if you wish to cool off on hot summer days, this could very well be the ideal choice for you. In that case, leave the hiking boots to the side and refresh yourself in the fresh waters.


Snowdonia is a national park along the coast of Wales with stunning views of the mountains, valleys and coast. This area is home to 26,000 people and Welsh is spoken by a majority of them. If the day is clear, you can see Ireland from the higher locations in the park. Snowdon is the name of the highest mountain here and the national park is also home to the largest lake in Wales, Bala Lake. The higher elevation trails provide stunning views for the hiker, but can get a bit crowded during high season in the summer months, whereas the walks on the lower mountains are less frequented and spectacular as well. The area is one of the rainiest parts of the UK. So, be prepared for a downpour but also for plenty of beauty.


Cornwall is very charming and quaint, but at the same time rugged and a bit of an isolated peninsula. It is located in the southwest of England and famously exposed to a lot of wind, making it good for surfing. Its rocky cliffs and golden sand beaches are a tourist magnet. But, whereas its former image was dominated by its more docile and family-friendly side, there has been a shift to the more activity and adventure-driven facet of it. This is an area where surfing, climbing and hiking is to be had and there is much to explore, regardless of season. So, if you are a fan of the outdoors then this could very well be a gem for you.

The Scottish Highlands

This is an area with some of the highest mountains in Britain. It is also rich in cultural history and steeped in legend, as well as a great place to experience nature. Here you can find the Eilean Donan Castle, located on a little island and overlooking the beautiful Isle of Skye. History tells of Bishop Donan that chose this tranquil spot to settle on and create a monastic cell in the year 634. This was the pre-cursor to the castle built later. If you are into fishing, you should know that the Highlands boasts one of the world’s top salmon and trout rivers together with superb shore and boat fishing. This is Scotland after all, the mother country of golf, and we would be remiss if we did not mention that the highlands also serve as home to a few golf courses. So, if you are of this inclination you will most likely have your fair share of fun, coupled with many additional thrills to be had in this intriguing area of the UK.

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