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How to have a totally relaxing holiday in four easy steps

How to have a totally relaxing holiday in four easy steps

​Work, social life, relationships, kids, bills, general day to day life – these are all stressors in our lives, things that can create joy but can also create major headaches. Of course when we book to go away on holiday, we want a total break from all this, but it’s not always easy to completely switch off.

Whilst some people are pros at shutting out the drama and concentrating on being all Zen, some of us, me included, find it difficult to find the ‘off’ switch, and instead go off on a tangent in our minds.

There are a few easy steps you can follow to make sure your summer holiday is as stress-free as possible, and really it’s all a state of mind and organisation.

1) Be prepared

Making sure all your travel plans are in place well before you are due to head off will mean you’re not freaking out about forgetting something. As soon as I book my holiday, I also book my parking space with ParkBCP. I do this so that I a) don’t forget, b) get the best deal, and c) can print off all my holiday bits and bobs and totally put it to the back of my mind, safe in the knowledge it’s sorted out. Yes, you can go down the route of public transport to the airport, but I prefer the convenience of driving myself. If this sounds like your idea of stress-free travel then check out what’s available at your airport. Most large UK airports offer a service, including great rates for Edinburgh Airport parking, so nobody misses out.

2) Research

Knowing what you want to see and do whilst you’re away means you’re not trying to find all this out whilst you’re there. Running around like a headless chicken on holiday isn’t fun in the heat, or in general, so check out forums on the place you’re visiting and find out the best places to head off to. This will also help get you in the mood for your break.

3) Turn off the emails!

If you’re prone to checking your work emails, or emails in general, whilst you’re away then stop right now! You are on holiday, therefore work can wait. Social media is also the devil when you’re trying to be distracted from what’s going on at home, so make a pact to check your Facebook for messages only once or twice a day, and then leave it the hell alone!

4) Focus on you

If this is a lone holiday, one with friends or a significant other then it’s time to focus solely on you and your needs. Obviously if you’re away with the kids then this is going to be slightly different, but at least make some time for yourself. We save all year around for our break in the sun, so make sure you factor in time for simply being. By that I mean chilling out on the beach and losing yourself in a book, heading off for a relaxing massage, or simply having a glass of wine and watching the sun go down. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that YOU enjoy.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy your break.

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