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Top 7 Places to See in Turkey

Top 7 Places to See in Turkey

Turkey's rich and ancient history mixed with it's vibrant culture and absolutely stunning scenery, makes it a desirable holiday destination. It's not hard to imagine why with all of the fantastic sites and cities to set your eyes on. ​

So after booking your Thomas Cook Flights, you should be ready to adventure through this paradise of ancient history and stunning sites. Considering Istanbul is a quite an obvious stop on the holiday list, here is what else you can see while meandering around Turkey.

1. Cappadocia:

Alien-like terrain sweeps across the landscape in this oddly gorgeous region. Old volcanic solidified rocks are scattered about the region and the best way to see it is from up above. Take a magical hot air balloon ride over this amazing scenery and explore the villages, hotels, and shops that are hidden in these little caves. It's a unique stop on any Turkish holiday.

2. Pamukkale:

The direct translation of this place is “Cotton Castle.” This is Mother Nature at her best. Cascading pools of blue calcium water trickle down the tiers and sooth away your worries. This water is amazing for a healthy, therapeutic, and relaxed dip. If you're up for some ancient history without drying off, take a swim at Cleopatra's pool that is near the ancient ruins of Hierapolis.

3. Mount Nemrut:

For more bizarre, yet stunning scenery, Mount Nemrut is a wise choice. After hiking up this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will be rewarded with something that may remind you of another famous spot. Eight meter statue heads poke out from under the ground. This mountain is home to some royal tombs, and while you can't see the actual tombs, the sunrise over the mountains amongst the odd statue heads is said to be one of the best sunrises around!

4. Oludeniz:

It's hard to believe this place is real sometimes. Idyllic blue water, secluded lagoon area, panoramic views, and sandy shores for ages. The small village of Oludeniz is sure to impress any visitor. This spot is one of the most photographed beaches in the entire world for a reason.

5. Side:

This ancient port is a site for the history buff and the beach bum. This picturesque town is home to the ancient Hellenistic and Roman ruins. Explore these excavated sites and temples and check out the colossal amphitheater as well. Once you're done adventuring through history, take yourself to the sandy white beaches for a relaxing end to the end.

6. Ephesus:

This is one of the most popular places to see ancient cities. The Greek and Roman ruins in the area are said to be some of the best preserved ruins in the world. The library of Celsus, the ancient theater, and the Temple of Hadrian are the highlights. For a traveler with little time, consider checking out the nearby cities of Diyma, Priene, and Miletus while you're around.

7. Troy:

Sorry, but seeing the movies just doesn't cut it. When you're in Turkey, you have to see Troy in the flesh. This is one of the most famous tourist attractions, and it's not hard to think of the reason why. This legendary city still has it's ancient streets, homes, and theaters on display for your to explore.

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