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Why you should have an itinerary on a sightseeing holiday

Why you should have an itinerary on a sightseeing holiday

​We all know that sightseeing can be a nightmare in a new city; whilst it’s exciting to see new sights and explore, there is always the nagging worry that you’re missing something major.

​If you’re only planning on going somewhere once, you don’t want to be unaware of some of the hidden treasures in your destination, because often these are the most interesting parts.

Being organised is the name of the game, and if you cut out travel stress, you’ll be more in the frame of mind to get out and see everything your destination has to offer. A good way to do that is to avoid the need for expensive and downright stressful public transport to the airport, and instead drive yourself. This way the control is firmly in your hands, and you can set off when you see fit, stopping off if you want to. I usually take it a step further and book my parking spot and a night at an airport hotel prior to jetting off. Airparks offer some fantastic bundles on parking and hotels nationwide. I recently booked a great deal on one of the many Manchester Airport hotels, so check out what’s available at your departure airport.

If you’re less inclined to be pulling your hair out at the start, then your sightseeing break is always going to calmer as a result. Despite that, you do need to plan a little and do plenty of research before you go.

Now, I’m not suggesting you buy yourself a clipboard and follow a strict pre-planned route, so don’t worry! What I am suggesting is that you hit Google before you go and find out what it is that you want to see, and a few options in the ‘maybe’ category. There may be certain places that are open late, and others that close early, so if you plan your time you can easily fit it all in, without running around like a headless chicken.

Your itinerary doesn’t have to be strict, but a general outline of the things you might like to see on what particular day will mean less stress, because you don’t spend half of the day wandering around, deciding what you’re going to do. This is a recipe for lost time, and that is something you can’t be affording to do!

Pick your destination wisely, research it thoroughly, and pull every last second out of it.

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