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A Sunny Family Holiday

A Sunny Family Holiday

​I remember our first family holiday, a time before we had our youngest daughter, and it was only Matthew, Olivia and I. Olivia was only 3 at the time, and we decided that before she embarked on a life of school and we had to endure the terror of full price holidays; to travel to Spain on an all inclusive family holiday.

We carefully selected a hotel called Holiday Village in Benalmadena. The resort had received some great reviews from those travelling with young children, and the entertainment seemed something that we would all enjoy, so we booked it, and at a great price too.

The time crept up on us, and before long we were packing ourselves up ready to head off for some sunshine. Flying from Gatwick, the in law’s had agreed to drive us the 2 hour or so drive to the airport. Now, at the best of times I don’t like time pressure, but when you add in the strain of actually having to arrive on time for a flight, I could feel my blood pressure rise, and then it happened. The unthinkable. An accident on the motorway, we were stuck, with very little time to spare.

Mercifully we reached the airport check in, just in time, running through the terminal like screaming banshees....dragging suitcases and a toddler along with us. We passed through check in and found ourselves in the departure lounge *phew*.

The plane ride itself was uneventful, thinking back, Olivia slept some of the way, and Matthew and I relaxed as much as we could. I love flying, the experience of being up in the air and watching clouds pass you by is one that I believe I will never tire of. For the time that Olivia was awake she too seemed mesmerized by the outside world.

Enough about airports and planes, what about the actual holiday? I hear you ask. Well the holiday was fantastic, the hotel (this was around 3 years ago mind) was great, especially for kids, multiple pools, plenty of entertainment and some really tasty and varied food. Olivia particularly fell in love with the travel agents childrens entertainment characters, and to this day, whenever I hear “I gotta feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, I still get a fuzzy feeling thinking of her dancing around outside in the evening sunshine, a big smile on her face.

Our apartment was just the right size, and overlooked the pool and sea. On the rare nights we relaxed indoors, we were happy to hear the hustle and bustle of the poolside bar. We didn’t find it irritating, it was nice to know that others were enjoying their break too.

It seemed like no time at all before we headed back home, to a grey rainy day if memory serves me well. We still, to this day, talk fondly of that holiday. Of course to some it may seem like a run of the mill holiday, nothing special. But to us that break summarized our family at that time. Now we have expanded, and it may be another year or so before we venture away on a plane. But I can promise that our first family holiday to Weymouth this year may not be exotic, but as long as we are together, will be perfect! ​

Spain on an all inclusive family holiday By Sam Dwyer
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