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JaJaJa bilingual children's books

JaJaJa bilingual children's books

​I always wrote my books with children in mind. Not only did I want to encourage children to start learning languages earlier but I wanted to make it a really enjoyable experience.

I decided to slip foreign language vocabulary into the story and that story line would be about a child going on holiday, meeting new friends, and having an adventure! In this way, not only is a child picking up new phrases that they can use abroad but the context is very relevant for them. This helps a child feel like they are integrating, giving them confidence in a foreign country but it also has a safety aspect- especially when we include words like “help” “thank you” and “where are you”. There is also a pronunciation guide included in the back so that parents and children can learn together.

All the stories bring up different holiday scenarios and contain plane journeys, boat and channel crossings, zoo visits, swimming, bike riding, lakes and camping. All the things that your child may encounter whilst on holiday. By reading the stories you can get your child prepared about what is to come.

Each book also has hidden lizards and butterflies on each page so while your child is travelling they can keep themselves occupied by hunting these out and counting how many there are! Our Spanish flashcards are also a great way to help them learn some destination vocabulary and to keep them entertained. See how many they can remember from the pictures while you are in the car or on the plane for example and let them keep the ones they get right. Or even if you are having a rainy day abroad, hide the cards around the apartment/tent etc and get them to hunt them out then tell you what the word is!

Our audio book of “Lucy and Lucia Play Hide and Seek” is now available on British Airways and this is a great way to learn the lingo along with the book, or for children to listen to on a car journey.

Language learning should always be fun but also relevant so what better way to start them off, than before their holidays! Find our more about our fantastic children books

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