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My Travelling Nanny: A personal service providing holiday childcare

My Travelling Nanny: A personal service providing holiday childcare

Holidays for the modern- day family – juggling work with children – have become more than just a change of scenery. They are potentially a vital breathing space, when everyday routines and stresses can be left behind, and where clock-watching and deadlines don’t shape each day. But while Relaxation is top of every parent’s wish list, children have an entirely different agenda!

Hyped up by the flight/drive, their energy levels peak in a new environment, and sitting on the balcony soaking up the view is not their idea of fun, when there is a whole new world to explore.

With the luxury of mum and dad both around, expectations are high in the entertainment department – hide and seek, football, sandcastle assistance, splash play in the pool – everything that family holidays are all about, but with the downside that adult chill-out time may simply not happen.

Taking your own Travelling Nanny – an extra pair of hands and eyes – can transform your holiday, and turn it into a proper break. To start with, she can travel with you, and help to keep the little ones happy so that you do not arrive at your destination frazzled and tired!

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She can help with the sun-creaming, keep an eye on the baby while you play with your toddler, do a stint in the pool, help with small chores, for example emptying the sand out of the beach bag at the end of a long day, plus help with bathtime and bedtime. Experienced nannies can take sole charge of the children if the parents want time to themselves to sunbathe/shop/explore.

Most importantly, there is then a babysitter in residence - so that the parents can enjoy a stress-free evening out. My Travelling Nanny is run by mother and daughter Linda and Michaela. Michaela is an experienced holiday nanny, and Linda brings the perspective and experience of a mother of four. They personally interview, vet and reference-check every Travelling Nanny. Many of these have feedback directly from families who have booked them previously.

This Agency recognizes the need for a realistically priced service that is can suit every pocket. In addition to qualified and experienced holiday nannies, they provide Standard Nannies at a lower cost. There is huge flexibility about hours booked, and Linda and Michaela are happy to discuss any option and give guidance.

They have nannies who are teachers or classroom assistants, nursery or crèche workers, trainee children’s nurses, nannies studying childcare. Some have specific expertise, eg special needs, maternity nurse qualifications, sports coaching, dance teaching, languages. Some enjoy nannying as a role between other commitments or to enhance and broaden their childcare experience. Some are qualified and experienced, and nannying is their primary job.

For more information, check out their website :, and read a sample of the testimonials from happy families!

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