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Flying with Children

Flying with Children

Tips to help you making your flight journeys stress free.

Prior to travelling, check the baggage allowance and boarding policy of the airline. Just imagine arriving at the check in desk to be told “ Your baggage allowance of 15Kilos for both you and your child” and then you have to face the daunting prospect of unloading your bag and cramming into your hand luggage. Worse still, being directed to the airline desk to purchase another luggage allowance, at an extornionate rate before having to check in again.

To a toddler, an airport looks like an amazing place in which to try out their latest running abilities, so when travelling with toddlers, a harness can come in very useful around the airport. It helps to keep them close by when you are distracted with all the checking in, customs and baggage reclaim procedures. A sling is always handy when travelling with babies, as there are often lengthy walks and the buggy gets checked in before passport control and not handed back sometimes until baggage reclaim.

On some airline, infants under 2 can have their own seat on the plane. Generally when travelling with an infant, they sit on your lap free of charge or for an administration fee. However, with some airlines, it is possible to take your car seat on the flight such as with British Airways. This is ideal on those trips when you need your car seat at your destination, or for those long haul flights You would need to pay a child fare for your baby to occupy a seat.

Encourage the children to use the toilet before the hostess trolleys come down the aisle, as once they come, they can be around for a long while!

Lastly, please remind your children to not make jokes about bombs..It is illegal, and will cost you and all the other passengers alot of inconvenience.

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