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Family Holiday & Travel with Kids to Tunisia

Tunisia is a place full of contrast and beauty, from seaside resorts with stunning clear ocean to endless deserts with golden sand. You may even find a busy market or two here, which not only offers an insight to a fascinating and important aspect of Tunisian life, but also a chance to purchase a treat for yourself too!

During your time in Tunisia you might discover that you recognise some of the local landscapes (or perhaps the kids will) this is because Tunisia has been the backdrop to many a famous film over the years including the ever popular Star Wars Saga and Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

So what else can Tunisia offer those who decide to holiday here? The answer is; plenty!

Perhaps you could fly high and view the country from above with a ride in a hot air balloon? Or maybe you would like to partake in a spot of some slightly more classic entertainment (and most definitely one a bit closer to the ground) with a game of golf? After all, Tunisia is a world class golfing destination!

You could even, if you so inclined, decide to experience a true desert adventure and arrange to see the sands up close and personal whilst taking a ride on a camel. This truly is an experience that will stay with you for many years to come. Or if you are looking for a different kind of adventure you can get active both under and above the sea.

Tunisia is not just a place for all members of the family to get active, but also somewhere that is brimming with culture and heritage. There are plenty of historical monuments scattered throughout the country and each one is equally as fascinating and interesting as the last.

When is the best time of year to travel to Tunisia?

If this is enough to tempt you into booking your next family holiday to Tunisia then be aware that the south only has two seasons, a long and hot summer followed by a brief rainy season. The rest of the country does experience some type of spring and autumn but these are much shorter than those that are seen throughout Europe.

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