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Family holiday and travel with children to Asia

Asia, the largest Continent in the world offers a fantastic assortment of unique countries to enjoy a family holiday in, and a fusion of differing cultures and histories to enjoy.

Asia is by far the largest Continent on the planet, and offers plenty of fantastic destinations for superb family holidays. This continent has a unique climate, ranging from the very cold in Russia to the north, to warm and tropical in southern countries like Indonesia. And with over 4 billion inhabitants and more than 50 different dialects, this is one Continent that offers plenty of culture and diversity to enjoy.

Eastern Asia offers a taste of the Orient with countries like Hong Kong and Japan enticing visitors from around the world. These exotic locations are popular for their unique cultures and traditions, interesting foods and fascinating history, but at the same time, there are plenty of modern attractions and buildings to visit and enjoy. Visitors can marvel at the natural beauty of Mount Fiji and the stunning wetlands, or enjoy the wonderful delights of the Walt Disney Theme Parks and Universal Studios.

Northern Asia is Russian, and this offers plenty for vacationing families who would like to enjoy the delights of St Petersburg, the Kremlin and other fascinating attractions. There is a lot of history here and plenty of Second World War sits of significance to visit. The Trans-Siberian rail route is a superb way to get across the largest country in the World, and it’s an exciting adventure for younger members of the family.

South Eastern Asia is a heady collection of delightful islands, from the Philippines to Indonesia. Thailand is also located here, and is one of the most popular destinations for exotic holidays thanks to its stunning beaches, beautiful forests and tempting array of activities. Countries in this part of Asia are steeped in traditional culture and it’s a fascinating place to visit for a holiday that’s different from your average beach destination.

Head to Southern Asia and your family will struggle to choose between a holiday to the stunning archipelago of the Maldives, or the hectic bustle of India. Nepal and Sri Lanka also feature here, so whether you and your family are looking for a beachside retreat, or a mountain view, you can find your holiday of a lifetime right here.

Central Asia consists of a small collection of countries that are also considered to be part of Eastern Europe. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are three of the countries you’ll find here, and although these are not perhaps normally considered to be traditional family holiday destinations, they are no doubt worth a visit, particularly with older children who have an interest in unique cultures. Continually modernising, you’ll find yourselves in the heart of new cities with all the comforts of the western world, but just a stone’s throw from the old towns and their traditional buildings and lifestyle.

In Eastern Asia, some of the countries are already familiar family holiday destinations. Turkey and Cyprus have been family favourites for many years, enticing holiday makers to their sunny shores as an escape from the cold UK weather. With shorter flight times to the UK than many of the other parts of Asia, it’s little wonder that Brits love travelling here.

Overall, Asia has plenty to offer as a family destination. You’ll have a multitude of countries to choose from and plenty of different cultures to explore. And wherever you choose to travel, your kids will be made welcome, with activities and attractions designed with them in mind.

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