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Family holiday Indonesia

Indonesia stretches through the South East Asian seas in a mesmerizing chain of idyllic islands, each one perfect for an adventurous family holiday, that’s both exotic and exciting.

Indonesia is a stunning collection of over 17,000 islands that are located in Southeast Asia. The climate here is wonderful with warm equatorial weather most of the year round, and the fascinating lifestyle with so many diverse traditions and interesting sights makes this Asian destination the ideal family holiday location.

Bali is one of Indonesia’s best loved tourist destinations. If you and your family love the beach, then these long, white sandy shorelines will be perfect for you. The blue waters, blue skies and natural green foliage of the forests give it the appeal of somewhere that is straight out of the glossy pages of a travel magazine. This tropical hideaway is home to a variety of animals that roam freely on the island. Monkey Forest is home to, well, monkeys, and there are several bat caves where visitors can view these fascinating creatures up close.

Java is not just known for its coffee blend. This land mass is also home to the stunning Prambanan Temples and other ancient shrines. It is the main island in the Indonesian chain, and certainly the most populous, but this is the place to find a diverse section of people and plenty of activities to enjoy.

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, and acts as the gateway city for travelers heading to one of the many other, smaller islands. It is also a cultural Mecca, with vibrant marketplaces, numerous tour guides, luxury hotels and spas, and fabulous Marina’s. This is a great location for family holidays, with Seaworld, the Planetarium and the city Zoo to enthrall you all.

Kalimantan, which used to be called Borneo, is a fantastic place to visit. This is a stunningly beautiful island, rich in marine life and with a land based animal sanctuary and nature reserve to tour. Homemade gifts and crafts are on sale at the local markets, and the town of Sampit is home to an Orchid garden that is a very popular attraction with tourists.

Sulawesi is located in the east of Indonesia and it offers a great location for holidaying families. This volcanic landmass, formed millions of years ago, is an excellent location for hiking and mountain biking, and offers tourists exquisite silverware gifts, silks woven by hand, and bamboo carvings. It is a short one and a half hour travel from the main centre of Indonesia and provides an outstanding escape to a pollution free, tropical paradise where the aim is to relax.

Yogyakarta lies on Jogja, and is home to one of the world’s most stunning temples, Borobodur. This Buddhist construction, which is now over 1000 years old, is quite simply awe-inspiring, and is an excellent adventure for the whole family. While you’re in the area, the Sultans Palace is worth a look, and it’s filled with ancient artifacts and musical instruments.

Indonesia enjoys an excellent year round climate, but it does have wet and dry seasons much like most other equatorial countries. The best time to go is between April and October as this tends to be the dry season. It’s certainly not as humid around these months, and the beaches are much more enjoyable at this time of year.

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