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Travel with kids and family holiday in China

China is a vast country, a country full of culture, landmarks and beautiful scenery. Mystical creatures, myths and legends can be found throughout the land. Whilst it might not be your first consideration when you book a holiday if you are looking for a family holiday that offers something a little different and experiences that will leave an imprint on your memory forever then China is a place to consider.

The country has so much to offer you that you will be hard pressed to run out of ideas of things to do in China. Bustling cities, world famous landmarks and breathtaking scenery can all be found throughout the country. A holiday to China will not cover everything that you can see, however you can plan your trip using some the extensive rail network and public transport, and during a 2-3 week period you will be able to take in some of the key highlights of the country. Companies specialising in travelling with children offer exciting family adventures to China. One of the most iconic places you will get to visit during your time here is the Great Wall of China, over 8km long and visible from space, this is a landmark that you can amaze your children with, and perhaps even amaze you too.

Away from the wall, you can take in some history with a trip to one of the many sacred and historical sites situated throughout the country, or amaze your children with the colours and sounds of Beijing. Or for the more adventurous travellers, perhaps a visit to Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain is in order!

If a trip to China is tempting you then you may be wondering the best time to travel, China has a varied climate and the temperature ranges depending on the area that you chose to travel to. The typical temperature is low during the winter months, and higher in summer. But it is advisable to check the regions own climate before you book.

China is a country of contrasts, a world of intrigue and character, a place that simply cannot be explored in one trip alone. Take the plunge and let your children experience some real world magic.

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Destinations in China


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The oriental city of Shanghai offers a heady mix of Asian culture and modern attractions which make boring family holidays a thing of the past.

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China may not be the first thought when compiling a list of ideal destinations when travelling with kids; however Beijing is a fantastic place to have a family adventure holiday.

Suitable for age group: Age group Babies   Age group Toddlers   Age group Age 3-5   Age group Age 6-12   Age group Teen  
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