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Family holiday and travel with kids to Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands located East of the Spanish mainland enjoy a the wonderful Mediterranean climate. The hot summers are alleviated by cooling sea breezes, making it comfortable weather for a family holiday.

The Balearic Islands are Spanish owned and they’ve been a popular destination for families for many years now thanks to their great weather, fascinating history and ease of travel. Although there are a number of islands in this chain in the Mediterranean Sea, only three of them are really well known: Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza. For a long while they had the reputation of being party islands, a favourite destination for young adults on summer trips abroad, but these days they are recognized as offering fabulous family holidays with plenty to do.

Majorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, is home to the picturesque city of Palma, one of the best loved European cities and a regular stop for cruise liners in the Mediterranean. The island can be reached from the mainland by ferry, but cheap flights make it easy to get to from elsewhere in Europe. For families, the choice of activity is endless, with horse riding and hiking, cycling and sailing all great ways to pass the time. Of all the islands, Majorca is the best for younger children, and although Minorca and Ibiza cater for kids as well, they are ideal locations for laid back, relaxing holidays with the beach as the main focal point. As well as all the exhausting activities on offer, there are plenty of gentler excursions to enjoy, and with great shops found in all of the major towns, there’s always time for some retail therapy.

The Balearic Islands enjoy great year round weather, and although they do get chillier in the winter months, the days tend to be milder rather than cold. Travelling here outside the main tourist season means holidays are often very cheap, and because flights are short, they are the perfect destination for a first family holiday abroad. We've got some great suggestions about where to stay and what to do, so why not spend some time browsing our recommendations below.

Destinations in Balearic Islands


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Mallorca is the most popular islands for family holidays, as it has a little of everything, with spectacular mountain scenery to beautiful beaches with warm shallow waters.

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Although Ibiza is famous for its club scene, it also makes for a great family holiday destination with its warm waters, and safe beaches, and plenty of activities to entertain the whole family.

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Menorca is the quietest of the balearic Islands and has picture-postcard coves, fabulous beaches and clear shallow waters.

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