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Our 10 Top Winter Family Holiday Destinations

What better way to beat those winter blues than by booking you and your little travellers a winter break? We are not talking the snowy plains of Lapland here either, think of sea, sand and lots of sun! So leave those winter woollies behind and book a trip to one of our top family winter holiday destinations.​


Family holiday Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful and cultured country, and one of the most ideal places to visit for a break from the colder British months. Whether you take a trip to the island of Phuket or even take in some popular resorts such as Koh Samui or the cooler temperature Chiang Mai, you will not only enjoy a relaxing break, but if you want to an active break too. One thing we do recommend to do with the kids is enjoy an elephant ride- a once in a lifetime and memorable experience.
Thailand is a 13 hour flight from Europe and best visited between the months of November and March. Visit our Destination Guide on Thailand for more details


Family holiday Florida

Florida is of course, a place that the majority of families dream of visiting, so why not make it a reality. During a holiday there you will never run out of things to do, and a trip to one of the many parks there will leave you with memories that your children will treasure for a lifetime.
Florida is approx 9 hours flight from Europe, and best visited in the months of October, November, April and May. Visit our Destination Guide on Florida for more details.


Family holiday Antigua

Does the idea of relaxing with a nice glass of wine appeal to you? If so, then maybe a sun soaked haven such as Antigua might appear high up on your list of holiday choices. Here you can expect tranquil seas, golden sands and scenes that you see on television adverts and always hope that they are real. Antigua is not only a paradise for the frazzled, it also is a place full of history and has plenty of places just crying out to be explored.
Antigua is approx 8 hours flight from Europe, and best visited between January and March. Visit our Destination Guide on Antigua for more details.

Sri Lanka

Family holiday Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is just perfect for a truly wonderful family adventure destination, and boasts some fascinating sights such as; Sigiriya Rock, the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery, Elephant Orpanage, Kandys Temple of Tooth and Dambulla’s Cave Temples.
Sri Lanka is approx 10 hours from Europe, and the best time to travel is between December and March. Visit our Destination Guide on Sri Lanka for more details.


Family holiday Goa

Also off the beaten track is Goa, known for it’s friendly approach to tourists and it’s amazing natural beauty and utterly breathtaking scenery - You will leave Goa feeling completely relaxed and energised.
Goa is approx 12 hours flight from Europe and the best months to travel are between December and March. Visit our Destination Guide on Goa for more details.

South Africa

Family holiday South Africa

Looking to escape the jet lag? Then a holiday to South Africa could be on the agenda for your next winter family holiday destination. Here you can feel the benefits of travelling within the same time zone, whilst still being able to explore a cultural and stunning landscape. During a break in South Africa you will be able to see big cities sprawling across the horizon to some of the very best big game parks in the world such as Kruger Park and Pilanesberg Nature Reserve, where you will get the opportunity to photograph the big five of the animal world.
South Africa is approx a 12 hour flight time from Europe and the best months to travel are between November and March. Visit our Destination Guide on the South Africa for more details.


Family holiday Marrakech

Marrakech is a beautiful and fascinating family destination with its cultural city, medina of mosques, bustling markets, snake charmers, and storytellers. Being easily accessible and just 15 minutes from the airport, makes it a great winter family getaway.
Marrakech is approx 3.5 hours flight time from Europe and the best months to travel are September, March and April. Visit our Destination Guide on the Marrakech for more details.


Family holiday Dubai

The beautiful scenery you will find in Dubai is more of the man made variety, but with so many attractions and lots of fantastic activities on offer, Dubai is a great place to choose for a winter break with the family.
Dubai is less than 3 hours flight from Europe and the best months to visit is between November to April. Visit our Destination Guide on the Dubai for more details.

Canary Islands

Family holiday Canary Islands

These popular family holiday island destinations seem to attract visitors year after year. With the sheer number of wonderful and intriguing things to see and do, and almost guaranteed sunshine, it is easy to see why people never seem to tire of these sunny isles.
The Canary Islands is approx 3.5 hours flight from North Europe and can be visited all year round! Visit our Destination Guide on the Canary Islands for more details.


Family holiday Finland

However, if you do want to think snowy plains and Santa Claus, then the last of our top winter holiday destination is Finland. So, if you don’t mind taking the winter woollies, then Ruka in Finland is our favourite for active families. With long piste times and plenty of stunning ski opportunities and family friendly activities, this activity holiday that has the benefits of being in a beautiful location. If you need a break from the snow then you can always partake in a little visit to our festive bearded friend, or give Rudolph a stroke at the Reindeer Farm.
Ruka in Finland is approx 3 hour flight time and the best months to travel is between December and April for a winter ski holiday. Visit our destination guide on Finland for more information.

Wherever you decide, with one of our top winter family destinations, you and your family are all set to have a holiday that will prepare you for the rest of the seasons - All you now need to do is decide on where you go for your summer holiday!

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