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Ibiza with your Infants - Family friendly beaches

Ibiza with your Infants - Family friendly beaches

If you don’t want to take your kids to Ibiza because you’ve heard it’s full of drunken teenagers, you’ll be making a big mistake. Ibiza has some of the best child friendly resorts in the Mediterranean. The beaches are magnificent; full of deep white soft sand, which is just perfect for tiny hands and feet. ​

If you just want to chill out on the beach during the day and enjoy a drink on the balcony while your toddlers sleep at night; go to Portinatx in the North. It is extremely quiet and by midnight, most of the resort has gone to bed. There are two beaches and they are both deep and sandy. The family friendly Club Hotel Portinax sits up on the rocks overlooking the sea and the rest of the accommodation in Portinax is made up of smaller hotels, hostels and apartments.

Es Cana on the East coast is a small resort, ideal for families with children, who like a bit of nightlife. There is a small crescent shaped beach in the centre of Es Cana and further beaches round the bay leading to Cala Nova to the right and Cala Martina to the left. There are a number of Hotels, Apartments and Campsites, to cover all budgets. Most of the restaurants and bars have children’s areas outside and provide crayons and paper to amuse the kids while you are eating. It is a very British resort, so if you’re not keen on trying different foods and you love singing karaoke at night, this is the resort for you and your family.

Along the coast and towards Ibiza is the resort of Santa Eulalia. It’s more sophisticated than Es Cana and is famous for its fabulous restaurants and its shops. It has a large ex-pat community made up of Britons, Germans and Scandinavians, so it’s got a nice cosmopolitan feel. The beach is wide and long and there is a lovely promenade. Walk along towards the Marina and you’ll reach the river, where you can look at the Swans and cross the bridge to the children’s park.

Ten minutes along the road from Santa Eulalia is the resort of CalaLlonga. This is another ideal place for children. The beach is protected from the wind by the mountains that enclose this beautiful bay. There’s a children’s playground on the beach itself and all the bars and restaurants are family friendly. It’s only a tiny resort, so there’s not a huge choice of accommodation.

Another pretty resort is CalaTarida, in San Jose, not too far from San Antonio Bay. Although it is quite a steep climb to get to the bottom of the cliff and onto the beach, once your there the sea is very shallow and there are plenty of rock pools for the kids to explore. There is the excellent family friendly resort of Insotel Tarida Beach Resort located on the beach and some smaller hotels and apartments in the surrounding areas. It isn’t a busy place and so it’s ideal if you don’t want too much noise at night.

Now, if you have a family that’s lively, go to San Antonio Bay. It’s packed with entertainment and full of families. There are lots of little beaches along the bay and you can also get a ferry boat over to San Antonio, if you fancy a visit. Port Des Torrent has a pretty beach and you can get a bus there, or to one of the larger beaches like CalaBassa or, CalaConta. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in the bay, but it can be noisy. It is family orientated and you’ll find a wide range of accommodation.

Ibiza is the ideal spot for a family holiday, the climate is temperate, the beaches are beautiful and there’s a resort to suit everyone; be it loud and lively, or chilled out and peaceful.

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