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Where to go with babies and toddlers on holiday

Where to go with babies and toddlers on holiday

Now the kids are back at school, it would be a perfect time for those of you with babies or toddlers to take advantage of that well deserved relaxing holiday.

There are great resorts around the world which take your youngest children’s happiness as seriously as you do. Special crèches with sensory activities for the smallest of children and games rooms for toddlers where they can enjoy messy play are just a few activities these resorts provide. Many places also offer baby packages that mean you can ask them to provide you with all the essentials, from bottle to nappies, and save yourself some packing headaches.

Where to go?

If you fancy somewhere hot, there’s the Caribbean. A direct flight can take as little as 8 hours, which can appear to go fairly quickly with the entertainment and meals onboard. If you would like the heat, but not the jetlag, then Dubai is only a two hour time difference, and approx 7 hour flight time, or there is Sharm El Sheik in Egypt, just a 5 ½ hours flight. The Canary Islands is a good choice if you’re looking for some warmth and some sun. It’s just a 4 hour flight time, but do note that the weather can be a bit variable in December/January. Morocco and Cyprus too, are also great destinations for families with babies and toddlers.

If you’re not too worried about the weather, and just fancy a change of scenery, then Portugal, Cyprus and Italy are popular family choices, and all within a 3 hour flight journey.

However, should winter sports or ski-ing be more your bag, these destinations can be found within a short flight time, or even a pleasant train journey away.

So whether your perfect holiday is lying by the beach sipping cocktails, or out on the piste, whilst your kids play dress up and learn new skills, then look no further, we have hand-picked some of the best holiday resorts for you.

Our Top picks - Travelling with babies and toddlers:

1. Club Med Punta Cana Resort, Dominican Republic
2. Sheraton Pinetrees, Algarve, Portugal
3. Lykia World, Turkey
4. Le Meridien – Limassol, Cyprus
5. Forte Village Resort, Sardinia, Italy
6. Club Med, Morocco
7. Ski-ing in Alpe d'Huez, France
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